Elight Hair Removal,Light Shr E-light Hair Removal Machine

Elight Hair Removal,Light Shr E-light Hair Removal Machine

3 IN 1 Hair Removal Machine
Spot size :8*40mm OPT handle / RF handle
Material: Plastic ABS
Function: E-light + SHR + RF
E -light power: 1200W
RF frequency: 5MHZ
Display: 8 inch

Product Features



Spot size






RF frequency



8 inch

Product Description

Elight Hair Removal,Light Shr E-light Hair Removal Machine


Elight Hair Removal Advantages

Professional facial care, more pronounced effect.

Well designed chassis appearance and handle in line with artificial mechanics showing senses of fashion and technology.

Latest plug and play butt joint, separate water and electric design, more secure and easy to install.

Nine operating languages suit to different colleagues in different countries.

Water flow and temperate self- testing system and self-correcting system to guarantee safe operation. 


E-light technology — Because of  energy it needs far lower than traditional IPL, 

it makes the pigmented and vascular diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis absorb more energy without skin damage

 and removes these diseased tissues, by which achieves therapeutic effect.


RF technology — first ensuring your skin is comfortable and off damage and then taking advantage of RF waves to generate heat conduction, 

RF accurately reaches to skin’s deep layer, stimulates the ions and charged colloidal particles in body rapidly move or vibrate. 

Friction generating heat, skin will naturally come to an immediate contraction when collagenous tissues in skin’s deep layer reach to 45-60

then stimulates to secrete new collagen to rearrange and fill the gap of atrophic and lost of collagen, rebuilds the soft stent of skin, and finally achieve skin tightness, 

wrinkles filling and skin elasticity and gloss regaining.

Elight Hair Removal Product Display


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