Laser Hair Removal Machine with 3 in1 Tattoo Remoal  and RF

Laser Hair Removal Machine with 3 in1 Tattoo Remoal and RF

Spot size:15*50mm
OPT handle / laser handle /
Material: Plastic ABS
Interface function: E-light + SHR + YAG
Main power supply: 2000W
RF frequency: 5MHZ
Display: 8 inch

Product Features



Spot size




RF frequency





8 inch

Product Description

Laser Hair Removal Machine


Laser Hair Removal Machine Advantages

Latest technique of mobile light therapy, fast and efficient.

Latest single pulse technology. Painless, comfortable and relaxed during hair removal

Latest plug and play butt joint, separate water and electric design, more secure and easy to install

Perfect  combine of  large capacity stainless steel tank and industrial radiator,  it provide water cycle cooling system which satisfies customers’ continuous treatment demand.

Nine operating languages suit to different colleagues in different countries.

Water flow and temperate self- testing system and self-correcting system to guarantee safe operation. 

Elight Handle


E-light technology: Aimed at entire dermis and connective tissue, 

IPL and Bipolar RF technology stimulates and makes the collagen in different depths rearrange 

and grow  so as to achieve the therapeutic effect, while bipolar radio frequency simultaneously

 releases energy, making diseased tissues in epidermis and dermis produce light pyrolysis through skin’s selective absorption of light energy. 

Yag Laser Handle


Laser Tattoo Removal 

Eliminate spots ,remove tattoos : The specific laser wavelength will effect on and melanin

of epidermis and dermis . The pigments will begin to swell and explode to tiny particles

after absorbed this high energy laser . One part of them will be shot out of the body, the

other parts will be gradually removed by metablism

Laser Hair Removal Machine Technical Parameters


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